Ostrogorski Academy is a nonprofit educational project dedicated to disseminating knowledge of the humanities. The academy is a Belarusian ‘online university’, based on a series of lectures on important and engaging topics. Each lecture series is read by well-known Belarusian academics and analysts based both abroad and in Belarus; courses also feature graphic illustrations, transcripts of lectures, e-books, podcasts, and links to additional sources of information.

    The mission of Ostrogorski Academy

    • Making quality education available

      Everyone should have the opportunity to study in their native language, wherever in the world they happen to be. Access to high-quality education will catalyse the development of Belarus as a whole.

    • Connecting Belarus to the international academic community

      Education in Belarus remains woefully insular. We provide a platform for the best Belarusian scholars, working abroad and in Belarus, to bring much-needed innovation to Belarusian education.

    • Promoting an open society based on the rule of law

      We aim to strengthen Belarusian civil society through education. The knowledge we confer will make the Belarusian economy more competitive and make governance more efficient and modern.

    • Developing Belarusian culture and identity

      Most of the materials presented at the Ostrogorski Academy are in the Belarusian language. This follows from our belief that the success of Belarus is largely contingent on the development of its own national identity.

Coordinators of the Academy

Yaraslau Kryvoi
Founder of the Ostrogorski Centre

Ryhor Astapenia
Associate analyst at the Ostrogorski Centre

About the Ostrogorski Centre

The Ostrogorski Centre is a private, non-profit organisation dedicated to analysis and policy advocacy on problems which Belarus faces in its transition to market economy and the rule of law. Its work is nonpartisan and dedicated to achieving practical results. The Centre aims to promote reforms and thinking which helps the economy become more competitive, governance more efficient and integrate Belarusian scholars and analysts in pan-European and global media and networks of scholars. Read more about the Ostrogorski Centre

About Moisei Ostrogorski

Moisei Ostrogorski (1854-1921) was a Belarusian politician, legal history scholar, historian and political scientist who greatly contributed to the study of political and legal systems in transition from autocratic states. Although nearly unknown in Belarus, he is widely regarded as a founder of political sociology, alongside with Max Weber and Robert Michels, and as a 'pioneer of generalisations in comparative government'. Read more about Moisei Ostrogorski